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Worried you might have to sacrifice the natural light and open floor plan of your hip new office to protect the privacy of your workers and customers?

Fine d-Zign signs has the answer: Window Privacy Film. Our easy-to-apply film can give any glass surface an etched glass look that will help to obscure any employees computer screen from a casual onlooker. Our Window Privacy Film looks elegant and adds a sleek and industrial look to plain glass panels and doors.

Ideas for Window Privacy Film Include:

  • Meeting Rooms – Remove the "terrarium effect" from your meetings and conference rooms. A little bit of Window Privacy Film can make an open and visible spaces intimate without sacrificing natural light.
  • Offices – Sometimes a glass door is a less-than-ideal solution for an internal office. HR holds a lot of sensitive meetings and handles data that could be disastrous if it were seen by the wrong person. Keep your “open door” policy, but use Fine d-Zign signs’ Window Privacy Film to protect your employees and their data.
  • Retail Spaces – Custom-made glass is expensive. If you're looking to give your storefront a distinguished, etched glass look without breaking the bank, check out Fine d-Zign signs’ selection of Window Privacy Film. Look like a tech giant without paying like one




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