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    Stylish and Durable Post and Panel Signs for Serenity Reserve

    It’s not easy to be distinguished in the vast sea of signage companies.

    At Fine d-Zign, we believe that to be the best in this industry, you need more than just processes, quality materials, and big facilities. Above all, you need to focus on customer satisfaction. This requires integrity, respect, teamwork, attention to detail, quality and safety control, and great enthusiasm.

    That is the mindset in which we do our work.

    When somebody is like-minded and appreciates these traits, they will find it easy to choose us for their projects.

    About the Client

    Serenity Reserve is a to-be-built active adult community in central Florida. Spanning 28 acres, it will consist of 90 contemporary homes and an elegant clubhouse with amenities that will allow the retirees to remain social and physically fit without having to travel far.

    The active residents will also have easy access to everyday conveniences and attractions. The community is just a few minutes away from major highways, stores, and medical facilities in Lake Nona Medical City.

    Placed in a pleasant and secure environment, Serenity Reserve will offer aesthetically attractive and architecturally convenient homes with large lots.   

    And now, 85 future lots for new homeowners are marked by Fine d-Zign signs!

    How Did They Find Us?

    The construction manager for Serenity, Mark Dixon, found us via Google search. With a rich experience in managing construction projects, his primary focus is quality control and safety.

    For high-end Serenity Reserve, he wanted more exclusive looking lot signs and matching sample signs. In a total of 85 lots, he needed 83 lot signs and 2 sample signs.

    Our Job

    The lot signs were 4×4 x 4’H, with 9’x15″ lots numbers. We used gold UV print directly to gloss black aluminum composite with decorative black screws.

    For mounting the signs, we had to buy 42 pressure treated aluminum posts from Ornamental Post & Panel. Then we had to cut the posts in half and paint them with gloss black paint. That was also the longest part of the project.

    After the posts were dry and the signs ready, we located and dug 85 holes, set posts and installed the signs.  It took us 3 days at about 3.5 hours per day for digging, setting, and installation. And man, it was so hot at that time.

    The best part was that these signs withstood the recent hurricane IRMA!

    The Results

    Our project for Serenity Reserve lasted altogether 94 days from initial consultation, but it took 31 days from customer approval to complete the installation.

    The client loved the end result and the quality of our work. He complimented our precision in lining up the signs and how exactly we were with post depths in the ground. He was especially pleased with our professionalism.

    It was our pleasure!

    Enduring Quality of Fine d-Zign Signs

    Everything we do at Fine d-Zign is based on integrity and value. We strive to give excellent customer service and the finest products. Contact our team today for enduring quality and complete satisfaction.