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Signs from Fine d-Zign signs are made to last. However, sometimes there are factors that fall outside of normal wear and tear that can necessitate Repair or Restoration of your sign. Extreme weather, vandalism, auto accidents, or simply the inexorable passage of time, all can negatively affect your sign.

Our team can help repair a sign in virtually any condition and replace it, good as new!

Sign Repair and Restoration Services

  • Cabinet Signs – Cabinet signs can be vulnerable in foul weather, but especially in high winds where objects may be carried by the wind to collide with the translucent panels covering the sign. If your cabinet sign has been damaged by inclement weather conditions, call us today!
  • Carved or Sandblasted Signs – These are among our more durable sign options, but time and weather will often take their toll on them. We can refresh your sign to make it look like new again!
  • LED Signs – Even LED lights eventually will go out. Luckily it's a relatively easy fix. If your LED sign is on the fritz, don't hesitate to reach out to Fine d-Zign signs!

Fine d-Zign signs serves communities in and around Central Florida, including Kissimmee, St. Cloud, and Lake Nona as well as customers in Osceola, Orange and Brevard counties.





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