Fabric Prints

Interior décor is an often-overlooked part of the customer experience. If you have a brick-and-mortar location, you need to think about how to decorate the areas to best appeal to your customers, especially if they’re going to be spending time there.

For example, if your office has a waiting area, you want to create a calming environment, not one that adds to the customer’s stress.

But that’s not just furniture and magazines. The art on the walls also plays a part. Fine d-Zign signs can create Fabric Prints from just about any source you want!

What Designs Work Well for Fabric Prints?

  • Art – Take artwork that you like and represent it in a different way. Make an existing piece of art to which you own the rights and make it into a triptych or other multi-panel installation.
  • Photographs – Photographs in frames can look cold and unwelcoming. Photographs on our Fabric Prints look warmer and more inviting.
  • Commemorate Significant Events – Take photos of significant events from the company’s timeline onto Fabric Prints for a retrospective installation.