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    Outdoor Monument Signs Make a Statement

    Monument signs are a stately and dignified signage option for any business who wishes to be remembered. They are bold yet refined, making them a great exterior sign choice. But what are monument signs made of? Can they be carved or sandblasted? And can they fit within your budget? Read on to find out the answers to these critical questions.

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    Monument Sign Materials

    These majestic signs can be made of wood, brick, stone or other imitation materials. Wood could be a lovely choice for a family-run landscaping business, while stone might be a regal idea for an upscale apartment complex or housing development.

    However, be warned—using actual materials like stone and wood can get expensive. Besides, wood is prone to warping and insect damage. For a more affordable option, imitation materials are a great idea.

    Carved and Sandblasted Signs | Fontainebleau | Miramar | Pembroke Pines FL

    Carve ‘Em Up

    If your brand requires you to really go the extra mile with a great exterior display at the front of your property, and if you have the budget for it, go ahead and choose the carved or sandblasted look for your monument sign. When a sign is carved, the letters are filled in with paint to stand out. It’s the opposite with sandblasted signs. In this instance, the lettering will appear raised.

    Both options are a wonderful way to get your sign noticed from more than just across the street. With carved or sandblasted signs, your visitors will see what your company’s all about from a distance, making them more likely to come and check you out.

    Are They Affordable?

    While using actual materials such as brick or stone can get very expensive very quickly, don’t worry about cost just yet. Imitation brick or imitation stone can be a much more affordable option for your monument sign. Besides, sometimes they’re easier to carve up, sandblast or otherwise customize.

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