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    A New Sign for Local Business Network International Chapter

    Establishing yourself as a business is not an easy task. There’s a lot of work that goes into building your brand and selling your products. As a newer business, we’ve been working hard at Fine d-Zign Signs to make sure that we’re providing quality signs for local businesses and organizations. Even before we were officially open we were providing awesome signage for people. One of our first clients was the local Business Network International chapter. They needed some new signage and, being a member, asked us to create it for them. Even though we didn’t even have any equipment yet, we made sure that BNI got a great sign.

    Business Sign for BNI in Central Florida

    The Job

    The local BNI chapter was having a Regional Director visiting a few weeks ago. They had an old status sign that had seen better days and they wanted something new for when the director visited. The old sign was falling apart and they wanted to make sure everything looked perfect. With the director coming in a week, they asked if we could manufacture a new sign. They needed the sign in seven days, so we quickly got to work contacting the people who could help us with this sign.

    The first step was contacting a graphics designer. The graphics needed to be ready to go by the next day, so it was a tough job. The designer seriously came through and got us an awesome design. Next, we needed to call the printer. The sign would need two sides, one with a plain laminate facing and the other with erasable laminate, giving the BNI chapter the ability to write on the sign and easily erase it. The printer got us an estimate and we provided it to the client. Once we got approval we sent the graphics to the printer, manufactured the sign and delivered the product.

    A Very Happy Client

    Even with the tight schedule and a lack of equipment we got the job done and the customer’s satisfaction was off the board (no pun intended). In fact, the BNI chapter was so pleased with our service that we did two follow-up estimates. And we discussed the possibility of providing signs for the other 29 BNI chapter in the region with that visiting regional director! We try our best to overcome any obstacles that might come our way to provide quality service to our clients.

    Erasable Sign for BNI in Central Florida


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