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    Different Ways to Engage Attendees at Trade Shows

    Finding the best way to engage attendees at a trade show or convention can be challenging even for the experienced brand ambassadors. Each interaction is based on various factors ranging from the company and its products to customers, existing reputation and the industry.

    There are various approaches you can use to grasp the attention of attendees and engage them in your discussion. It could be anything from catchy openings to startling, clever or odd revelations. At the end of it all, your priority is to attract attendees to your booth.

    Here is a look at three main ways you can engage attendees in a trade show:

    1. Direct and Indirect Approach

    The direct approach is a popular one for most companies as it saves time and allows your ambassador to go straight to the point and unveil your products and services. It simply cuts the lengthy openings and showcases your confidence in whatever you have to offer. Direct openings may be something of this sort:

    • Give me 2 minutes of your time and I will tell you how to…”
    • Let me take this moment to show you how our services can solve X problem…”

    The downside of this approach is that attendees may find it polarizing and disregard your brand very quickly. An alternative is an indirect approach where you intrigue attendees with open-ended questions such as:

    • Can I get an opinion about this…?”

    Rather than being direct, the question entices attendees who are unfamiliar with the topic. The downside of this technique is to those attendees who want to go straight into the details; they may find the vagueness of indirect openings irritating and time wasting.

    1. Finding Common Grounds

    It is common for brand ambassadors to be robotic in their interactions and guide conversations that are overly sales-pitched. To grasp the attention of attendees, you need to establish some commonalities with them and make them feel like an integral part of the trade show. You can start with human interactions like;

    • Is everyone enjoying the show today?”
    • Oh wow! The trade show is so busy today…how are you doing?”

    This is a great way to get the attention of attendees and spark their interest into what next you are going to say. The only downside is that you risk losing attendees who want you to immediately cut to the chase.

    1. Signage and Displays

    Using conspicuous signs and displays is another popular trend in trade shows. Displays give you a chance to exhibit your tech, products, and services without even talking to the attendees. They will simply follow the signs to what attracts their eyes. However, it is important not to have too many signs and displays as it can be confusing for attendees.

    Find the Best Solution

    There are several other ways of engaging trade show attendees including the use of give-away, leading the conversations straightaway, being open-ended and versatile, using marketing materials and show representatives. Simply consider the kind of attendees you will have and choose the most suitable technique. You can always use more than one technique like marketing materials and representatives alongside direct and indirect approaches.

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