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    Cut Vinyl Lettering for Audibel Hearing Center

    Can you imagine the world without images, graphics, symbols or color?

    People depend on visual aids to better understand the world around them. Studies show that 55% of human communication is visual. If that’s the case with people in general, how much more do those with hearing problems recognize the importance of visuals?

    Our recent client, Audible Hearing Center, knows the importance of hearing. Helping people hear better is all they do. But to achieve that purpose, they first needed to lead people to their location.

    Audibel also needed to introduce and reinforce their business’ brand. Maybe those who drive by your business don’t have a need for your products and services, but the constant exposure can implant your brand in their minds.

    Recognizing the importance of visual communication and brand awareness, Mike Davilla from Audibel contacted Fine d-Zign.

    The Client

    Audible Hearing Center is a Starkey Hearing Technologies brand. They are recognized worldwide as a premier provider of hearing healthcare. From wireless to invisible hearing aids, this brand offers the most advanced and comprehensive hearing solutions available.

    Fine d-Zign’s mission is to collaborate with that sort of excellent clients and provide custom signs and graphics to meet their business needs. We provide outstanding quality products while establishing lasting and loyal partnerships.

    Mike Davilla from Audibel found us through his Internet research. Our first meeting was casual and pleasant. He explained that Audibel needed a branding info on the front glass door of their new location, as well as a replacement of the old tenant on pylon sign.

    We weren’t the only one bidding for this job. And although our price was initially higher, we agreed on the price and got the job because of our meeting in person and some common interests.

    The Job

    Vinyl window lettering is very easy to apply and to remove. You can customize your text, font, and color.

    For Audibel, we chose white cut vinyl lettering showing the brand’s name, location, and phone number.

    A pylon sign is a freestanding sign usually detached from a building and designed for multiple business advertisements. It can easily grab the attention of fast passersby so it’s the best fit for high traffic areas.

    Audibel needed their info put on pylon sign from both sides, replacing one previous tenant. We chose black cut vinyl lettering. Not having a bucket truck and being new, we needed to purchase a new extension ladder.

    Since post-hurricane IRMA in Florida, ladder supports were greatly needed; we had to build custom-made supports to keep ladder off the plastic pan. It allowed us to install the lettering on the pylon.

    The project took 57 days to complete, mostly because our client needed to get business license prior to permitting approval.

    After all, was done, our clients were very excited about having their business branded. To satisfy them even more, we also put 2 vinyl letters on the office door for customer location recognition.

    The Finest in Sign Design

    At Fine d-Zign, we are here to help you find the overall signage solution that will work best for your business. Whether you need help designing a new and improved pylon sign for your next store opening or you need to brand your store windows, we can do it all.

    Contact us today at or call 407-624-3796 to start a conversation about your sign program.