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Carved and Sandblasted signs create an old-fashioned look from modern tools and materials. Is your business located in an area with stringent zoning regulations for signage? Whether your chosen aesthetic is rustic or classical, we can create a sign that fits the bill while retaining your desired look and feel.

What is the Difference Between Carved and Sandblasted Signs?

  • Carved Signs – Carved Signs begin as a piece of premium wood or high-density urethane which is then carved using tools to display your desired message, logo or design. This process allows the source material to retain its natural appearance.
  • Sandblasted Signs – With a Sandblasted Sign, you start with similar materials as a carved sign, but instead of using tools, a sandblaster is used to create three-dimensional designs and patterns which enhance your logo and look through the use of negative space. These signs can then be painted to your specifications to create a gorgeous sign you can be proud of.




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