Creating Your Company Logo

Creating Your Company Logo

Your company’s logo is a visual representation of your business. Therefore, it needs to have deep meaning to you that your targeted audience will understand. Once businesses develop their logos, they can use them in many different places. For examples, logs can be incorporated into vehicle wraps, window decals, promotional materials and in custom signs in St. Cloud. If you are having trouble coming up with a logo for your St. Cloud business, then you might want to draw inspiration from these iconic logos.


Founders named Starbucks after a nautical character, and one of the company’s first employees dug through old archives until they found an image of a 16th-century Nordic woodcut of a siren. Over time, marketers added long hair to cover up her bare breasts and gave her a facelift. 


McDonald’s Golden Arches are one of the most recognizable logos in the world. In 1952, when Richard James “Dick” McDonald and Maurice James “Mac” McDonald were looking to start the first McDonald’s,  They wanted to create a memorable building that would look different than all the other hamburger joints. They arranged for workers to buid arches on either side of their small restaurant. Stanley Clark Meston and his assistant Charles Fish designed the arches out of sheet metal. When Ray Koch brought out the brothers, he wanted to destroy the arches. Design consultant Louis Cheskin changed Koch’s mind because he thought the arches looked like female breasts and that the public would find them very sexy. Artist Jim Schindler eventually redesigned the logo a little to make the company’s iconic “m” logo. 


It has taken Apple more than 30 years to get its logo to perfection. The first logo used by the company was of Isaac Newton sitting under an apple tree. It lasted less than a year before Steve Jobs axed it. Then, he had Rob Janoff design the apple logo. Jobs insisted that green be the top color on the monochromatic logo. Over the years, the logo has kept the same apple, but its colors have changed to keep up with modern trends. 

Coca Cola

Coca Cola shipped their syrup to stores in large barrels during the late 1800s. The company had a problem. That was the same way that distillers shipped alcohol, but merchants had to pay taxes on alcohol and not on the soft drink syrup. To avoid any confusion, Coke started painting their barrels red. The color has stayed with the company ever since.

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