Five Ways to Use Signs to Create an Impression in Your Theme Park

Five Ways to Use Signs to Create an Impression in Your Theme Park

Are you looking for ways to entertain your guests while you still educate them with your signs?  Do you want to make a lasting impression with the use of attractive custom signs in Orlando?  Theme parks are fun, exciting, and thrilling places that also require thinking about logistics, like wayfinding, safety, and information.  When you combine function with design, you will be able to create signs that attract attention and keep guests happy, informed, and safe in your theme park.  There are a few ways that you can use signs to create an impression in your theme park.

Greet Guests with Alluring Signage

When you welcome your guests that entrance, you should have a beautiful display with your logo and other features that capture their attention.  This will engage them and start to excite them for the fun day ahead.  As a theme park, you want to stay consistent with the design of your signs so that guests can feel immersed in the overall experience at your park.  Start at the entrance so that they know exactly what kind of attractions they will enjoy all day long.

Introduce New Places

Many theme parks have different sections within the large park.  This usually involves creating beautiful and captivating entrances for guests when they have finally made their way to particular sections.  Whether you are looking to separate a water park or a kiddie park from the rest of your amusement park, you will want to design signs that bring in the major elements of your park while also exciting your guests about the new section they are about to walk into.

Use Creative Wayfinding Signs

Wayfinding signs are essential in guiding your visitors through your park.  However, simple signs are not an option for this, as they will go unnoticed and be eyesores.  Instead, you will want to come up with a creative theme for these wayfinding signs, which can involve using bright colors, large and bolded fonts, unique shapes and sizes, and other design features that make these easy to spot throughout the park.

Inform of Wait Times

Guests know that they will need to wait in line to ride on some of the main attractions at your park.  This is expected.  However, it is still a great idea to inform them of wait times so they can make educated decisions on how to spend their time.  When you use creative wait time signs, you keep your guests informed as a way to also encourage their patience and enhance their experience.

Entertain While Educating Guests

As a rule of thumb when you create signs for your theme park, you want to entertain your guests while still educating them.  This often means that you will want to be cohesive, creative, and informative all in one.

These are just a few of the ways that you can use signs to create a great impression on your guests at your theme park.  When you are looking to create alluring yet functional signs, trust the experts to create your custom signs in Orlando.  Contact Fine d-Zign Signs to get started and make a statement in your theme park today.


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