Five Signs You Need for Your COVID-19 Vaccination Center

Five Signs You Need for Your COVID-19 Vaccination Center

Is your pharmacy or medical practice preparing to offer the COVID-19 vaccination at your location? We have had to many adjustments to our lifestyles during the pandemic, and preparing our businesses for these new protocols is just one of the many.  However, when it comes to keeping our customers and patients informed about the proper procedures, restrictions, and health concerns, we have all added many new custom signs in Kissimmee to our offices.  To prepare for the COVID-19 vaccination distribution at your site, it is no different.  There are a few signs you'll want to have to relay important information at your COVID-19 vaccination site.

Parking Signs

If you have established remote or outdoor set up for your vaccination patients, you will want to prepare the parking lot.  Place signs throughout the parking lot to draw traffic in the right direction.  Consider placing yard signs throughout the exterior of the business, in landscaping, or even in the community to draw the crowd your way for their vaccinations.

Wayfinding Signs

Medical facilities can seem like mazes to people that have never been there before.  To avoid having to answer questions from many confused or lost customers, hang wayfinding signs throughout your facility to guide them in the right direction.  These signs can be floor graphics with arrows, posters that hang on the wall and tell them where to go, or color-coded signs strategically placed throughout your facility.

Informational Signs

To refrain from having to ask your patients for their information, you should have signs that indicate exactly what they need to have ready and what they need to do upon receipt of their vaccination.  Tell them to prepare their health insurance cards, identification, and any other paperwork they may need to complete.  This can save you from having to repeat yourself throughout the day.

Social Distant Floor Graphics

You will also want to continue to adhere to the social distancing policies when you are administering the vaccination.  To make this easy for people that are waiting in line, consider adding floor graphics that are placed six feet apart.  This way, your customers will avoid getting too close to one another when they are waiting for their vaccine.

Flag Signs

When you need to bring traffic to a different door or to a different area of your parking lot, you will want to have some flag signs.  This will draw their attention from a distance, which can prevent them from using the wrong entrance.  Flag signs are great for bringing customers to a particular area, which can save you from having to tell them "you're at the wrong door" when they are confused on where to go.

These are just a few of the main signs that will communicate necessary messages to your patients and customers at your COVID-19 vaccination center.  When you are preparing your site, make sure to use the experts in custom signs in Kissimmee to take care of all your signage needs.  Contact us to hear how we can help you today.


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