What Makes a Great Business Sign?

What Makes a Great Business Sign?

All great businesses want to make a great first impression on their potential customer.   This impression can be what attracts that customer to give you the business you are hoping to receive.  The trouble is that you want to create the right sign for your audience.  As a team of expert graphic designers and marketers, we offer custom signs in Orlando so you can leave this decision to the professionals.  There are a few factors to consider when creating a great business sign.

Use a Simple Design

When it comes to creating a sign, simple is always better.  It is more eye-catching and easier to read.  Aim for a simple design with a short message.  Do not crowd you sign with multiple graphics, and instead aim for a clean graphic that is easy to see.  You want to be sure that your audience will be able to quickly decipher your message in order to create an impactful advertisement that will drive business.

Use Colors

Choose colors that contrast with the environment in which you choose to put the sign.  If you are putting the sign on a busy road, choose bright colors that contrast with the sky and nearby buildings.  This will help draw attention to your sign.  Also, be sure to use a similar color palette when you design your sign.  You want the colors of your sign to complement one another to create a cohesive look.

Keep Your Text Brief

Whenever you write your message, mission statement, or business information on your sign, be sure that you keep it brief.  You don't want your audience to be bogged down when reading it, or else they will likely ignore the main point.  Be concise and to the point, but also leave them wanting more.  Hiring someone to create your custom signs in Orlando will assist you with creating the best messages to boost your business.

Create Visual Appeal

All great signs have visual appeal.  Visuals are more likely to catch your audience's eye and leave them with a lasting impression.  This will then draw them to your business when they think of those services or products.  This is the overall goal of the sign, after all.  Be sure that your images are compelling and attractive.  Avoid suggestive or derogatory images, as that will leave a negative impression.  Be sure that your visuals stand out above the rest by avoiding stale clipart and overused basic images, as this won't separate you from your competition.

These are a few factors you want to consider when you sit down with Fine D-Zign Signs to create a great business sign to promote your company.  Choosing our premiere service to create your custom signs in Orlando will boost your business quickly.  Contact us today to set up an appointment with our design team.



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