Three Commonly Used Real Estate Signs

Three Commonly Used Real Estate Signs

When you go to sell your home, you will need a lot of signage.  This may be something that you trust a realtor to do, but it may also be something that you choose to tackle yourself as a homeowner.  Many times, realtors have plenty of signs that they can use to indicate that your home is for sale, such as post signs, open house signs, postings, and plenty more marketing techniques.  In order to spread awareness and gain a potential buyer, you will need to invest in one or more of these three signs that are commonly used in real estate.


When many of us think about real estate signs, the first one we picture is the commonly used post signs.  These are the L-shaped signs often placed in front yards to indicate that a home is for sale.  They provide you with the logo of the real estate company and the name of the realtor on the listing.  These also sometimes have an info box attached to the post to allow for potential buyers to take brochures or flyers that inform them about the home and the company.  These are important signs for many real estate agents, as they alert buyers to open properties.

H-Frame Signs

H-Frame signs are commonly used when realtors want to alert prospective buyers to special events like open houses, marketing fairs, mortgage approval opportunities, and more.  These signs are lightweight and easy to transport, since they are often made from light plastic and wire.  They can be placed in the ground and moved around depending on your needs.  Many real estate agents use these signs to attract business during open houses or weekend events.  Homeowners also use these signs to indicate that their home is for sale by owner.

Feather Flags

Commercial realtors often use feather flags to indicate available properties for rent or purchases.  Feather flags are attached to metal poles in order to attract prospective business.  Typically, these are located in areas with much traffic, so that people who notice the waving flag will curiously adventure towards them.  This works for new construction and apartment complexes, where there are many different properties or specials for prospective buyers or renters.  

These are a few of the main types of signs used in real estate to sell homes and businesses.  Whether you are a homeowner looking to sell your home by owner or you are a realtor looking to spread awareness to your homes for sale, you will want to invest in custom signs in Orlando.  At Fine d-Zign Signs, our team works hard to ensure that you will have the best signs to alert buyers to your real estate for sale.  Contact us today to get started with our sign design team.



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