The Ultimate Sign Maintenance Checklist

The Ultimate Sign Maintenance Checklist

Have you invested your hard-earned money into quality signs for your marketing needs?  Over time, you will want to give those signs a little facelift and keep them in great shape.  When you do some basic sign maintenance, you will be able to expand the life of your signs without having to make updates or invest in anything new quite yet.  When we install your business signs in Kissimmee, we use quality materials that will last a long time, no matter the weather exposure.  However, if you are looking to update your curb appeal or enhance their look, there are a few simple sign maintenance tasks you can do this summer.

Clean Out Bird Nests

It's no secret that birds love to nest in and around signs.  Although you may grow fond of these birds, you'll want to take some time to clean out or safely remove any birds nests from your signage.  If they continue to call this home, you will create eyesores on your signs.  Also, you'll prevent them from making messes as they fly in and out of their nest, which is especially important for any signs that are right on your property.

Look for Cracks

Inspect your signs for any cracks or corrosion that may have been caused by exposure to the weather.  Water, wind, and sunshine can cause your signs to show damage over time, so be sure to take the time to look closely at all elements to ensure that it is in good condition.  

Update Information

If you have changed any information, such as phone numbers or location, you'll want to make sure to update your signs as well.  Most businesses that create business signs in Kissimmee will be able to change this aspect of the sign in a simple manner.

Trim Back Foliage

If you have roadside signs or signs that are next to foliage, you want to keep the foliage trimmed back so it doesn't obstruct the view of your signs.  Tree branches, bushes, and flowers can become overgrown, especially in landscaping near shopping plazas or next to roadways.  Take some time to look at all your signs and make sure that the foliage has not blocked the view.

Update Lighting

Lighting options may have changed since you first installed your sign, so you'll want to check for any updates that are most cost-effective or energy-efficient.  LEDs are great options that will also make any sign bright enough to see no matter how dark it is outside.  Make sure to change any dim or burned out lightbulbs so that each aspect of your lit sign can be read and understood.

Check for Visibility

Over time, there may have been new additions around your signs, especially if you have a large billboard or banner.  Make sure that your sign is still fully visible from all angles, and remove any obstructions if possible.  This will ensure that everyone passing by will be able to view and read your sign.

These are just a few of the simple ways to maintain your sign over time.  With these easy tasks, you can keep your signs looking bright and brand new despite how long ago they were created.  As a top company that produces quality business signs in Kissimmee, we understand the value our signs bring to your company.  Contact us to hear about our quality materials and get started with the design process today.


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