How to Customize Your Business Signs to Communicate Safety Policies

How to Customize Your Business Signs to Communicate Safety Policies

With the presence of COVID-19 and the reopening of businesses throughout the nation, it is critical to make changes that can keep your customers safe and aware of changing policies.  Whether you own a restaurant, gas station, pharmacy, office building, apartment complex, or small business, you want to be sure to update your business to reflect the CDC guidelines you are following.  This provides your customers with the safety reassurance they need to go to your business.  Consider using business signs in Orlando to reflect any changes you are making to keep your customers safe.  There are a few different ways you can add customization to your signs while still notifying customers of any changes in policy.

Incorporate Your Brand into Pathway Signs

Whenever you have to alert your customers of certain directions they need to walk, you may want to incorporate your brand into the sign.  Use your colors and even attach your logo to any stickers you put on the floor.  By indicating the direction they need to walk in order to social distance, you can also remind them of your business using these tactics.  Many companies also mark the appropriate distance between customers by placing stickers on the floor.  Always use your colors and logo when you are doing this, as it is something they will be staring at as they wait.  This continues to subtly spread brand awareness.

Put Signs on Barriers or Plexiglass

If you need to use barriers or plexiglass to social distance in your business, consider adding decals with information onto them.  These do not have to be plain, as they are great opportunities to inform customers.  You can attach flyers telling them about special promotions, events, or deals.  By adding stickers, decals, or flyers, you start to use these barriers as marketing tactics as well as safety procedures.

Create New Signs

During the pandemic, many of your typical business strategies have likely required altering.  This could have including drive-thru services only, limited access, or even designated entrances or exits.  When you create new signs to drive traffic towards these changes, you should always consider adding your customization.  Use phrases that reflect these changes but stay true to the brand.  Alert your customers using graphics, and always include your color scheme and logo.  Curbside signs, directional signs, yard signs, or even window decals are great ways to communicate these changes while still staying true to your brand.

These are just a few ways to add branding and customization to your signs that alert customers to any changes you've made to adhere to CDC guidelines.  Your employees and customers will stay safe when you make these changes, and they will stay aware of new updates when you use our business signs in Orlando.  Contact us to hear about how our team of graphic designers can help you make the signs you need today.


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