How to Create an Attractive Trade Show Display

How to Create an Attractive Trade Show Display

Have you been taking your small business to trade shows?  Are you looking to create the perfect trade show display using attractive signs?  Our custom signs in St. Cloud can help get you started.  We offer graphic design expertise and marketing design experience that will have people flocking to your trade show display to see what you are selling.  Follow these tips on how to create an attractive trade show display.

Design a Retractable Banner

Retractable banners are great for trade shows, because they take up little space when you are storing them and they are appealing during the actual event.  You can display your logo, message, bargains, and slogans on these banners.  This will help people recognize your niche and ask about your products or services.  By instantly familiarizing them with your business, you make your booth much more approachable.  This will increase the amount of people that actually stop, which will increase those that convert into customers.

Create a Tabletop Display

When you create an appealing tabletop design for your trade show booth, people will instantly stop to check you out.  They will be intrigued to see more, which makes them more likely to ask questions and engage with your products and business.  This increases the chances of them leaving with a great impression, or even already making a purchase.  You can easily create a tabletop display by using flyers and small signage to help customers become familiar with your business.  Use decorations and informative, but attractive signs to point customers in the right direction.  When you choose our custom signs in St. Cloud to help you with your tabletop display, you will be sure to get the conversation started with our stunning designs.  Customers will be approaching your table left and right.

Use a Tent for Outdoor Events

Tents are a must-have when you are participating in an outdoor trade show.  Not only does this protect you from the weather, it also provides you with an advertising tool.  By creating a pop up tent with your logo, business name, and slogan, you create an easy-to-recognize sign that puts you on the map.  Customers will be able to easily locate you, and they will also be enticed to do their shopping with you.  Also, if it's sunny or rainy, you don't have to worry about a thing.  We've got you covered.

By following these tips, you can create an attractive trade show display that will entice many people to stop and check out your small business.  By doing so, you will leave these trade shows with many leads and profits.  Boost your trade show sales by trusting our experts in design and marketing to help you design your custom signs in St. Cloud.  Contact us today to schedule a meeting.


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