Four Ways to Promote Your Business's Grand Opening

Four Ways to Promote Your Business's Grand Opening

Are you just about ready to open the doors to your new business?  Have you considered promoting a grand opening event to draw local customers to your new place?  When you first open your new business, you want to be sure that you promote the event to create intrigue and draw more customers in during those first opening days.  Our business signs in Orlando are a great way to create interest in your promotional event and also add appeal to the day of your event.  There are a few ways you can promote your business's grand opening.


Creating promotional banners is a great way to catch the eye of those passing by your new location.  Grand opening banners that are designed to visually appeal your audience will help draw the attention to your event and bring people inside during the actual opening.  Our business signs in Orlando specialize in promotional banners, so we will be able to take your vision and make it come to life.  Once people see your banners, they will be interested enough to walk in and see what you have to offer.

Social Media Posts

Posting on social media is a great way to increase the exposure and create hype around the grand opening of your business.  This also enables customers who are interested in your event to share this with their friends and family.  By posting on social media, you allow for sharing and interactions with your post, which only increases the exposure.

Radio Commercials

If you feel prepared to tackle a radio commercial, this is a great way to widen your audience for your grand opening.  Many people listen to the popular radio stations in your area, so create a recording that outlines what they can expect on your opening days.  This way, they will be interested and excited to join in on the fun and check out what you have to offer.


One common way to distribute information about your grand opening is to use flyers.  Flyers are a great way to spread information about any bargains, products, special offers, contests, or any activities that will be a part of your grand opening.  Don't be afraid to distribute these in the local community by asking fellow businesses to distribute them, place them in mailboxes, and post them on busy street corners.  Our business signs in Orlando can help create great flyers to spread awareness of your opening event.

These are just a few of the ways you can promote your grand opening for your new business.  Be sure that you spread the word around your community to create interest and draw a crowd when you first open your business's doors.  You'll want to start by designing our business signs in Orlando with our expert marketing team and designers who can help point you in the right direction.  Contact us to schedule an appointment today.



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