Four Tips for Creating Your Retail Signs

Four Tips for Creating Your Retail Signs

Retail signs need to be efficient in sending messages to your customers, as they will glance at them quickly before moving on to something else.  Without the right marketing tactics and attractive design, you may lose potential customers before they even come into your store.  When you choose to work with our sign design company, we can assist you with everything from window graphics to vehicle wraps in Orlando to provide your retail store with the best marketing tactics.  There are a few tips to follow when it comes time to create your retail signs.

Less Is More

When it comes to attracting customers to enter your retail store, less is always more.  Don't bog down your customers with too many graphics or words on your sign.  Instead, have a simple message to relay the information you need.  Use the color scheme of your business brand and any logos, but don't put many additional graphics on your sign.  Cluttered signs are confusing and difficult to read, which means people will just glance over them without fully reading what you have to offer.

Use Readable Fonts

When creating your retail signs, you want to think considerably about the font and size.  If you are putting an A-frame sign in front of your store, you want the message to be readable from a relatively close distance, which means you may be able to use a smaller font.  However, billboards or other roadside signs should have larger, bolded font so that drivers can see it from far distances.  Also, use fonts that are easily readable once they are printed.

Consider Contrasted Colors

Signs that pop use colors that contrast one another.  This allows your words or messages to be easily readable from any distance, and this also catches your customers' eyes.  By attracting their attention to your sign, you have a much higher chance of them reading it and taking in your message.  Using contrasting colors helps your messages to pop, which makes them much easier to read and digest.

Look at Your Competitors' Signs

Take some time to look at the competition.  What are they offering?  What types of signs are they using?  When you look at how other companies are successfully marketing their products, you can gain insight into practices that work.  Also, you will be able to make changes to your signs so that you can stand out among your competition.  Gaining more customers is always the goal, so you want to choose the right marketing materials that cause you to stand out.

By following these tips, you can create retail signs that make an impression your customers and increase your sales.  By choosing the right company, you can receive a quality product that enhances your business.  At Fine d-Zign Signs, we do it all.  From window graphics to floor decals to vehicle wraps in Orlando, we can take care of all your retail sign needs.  Contact us to schedule a consultation today.


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