Four Sign Maintenance Concerns that You Need to Think About

Four Sign Maintenance Concerns that You Need to Think About

Have you recently invested in new business signs for your marketing needs?  Are you considering which marketing signs are the best for your business advertising?  Whether you are researching information about marketing materials or you have recently invested in new signs, there are some things you need to consider about your signs.  As a business that specializes in creation and installation of many custom signs in Orlando, we know all about the care and maintenance that goes into these types of signs.  There are a few sign maintenance concerns that you should consider when you are investing in marketing signs.

Repairs to the Structure

If your sign is a large structure, such as a billboard or a wood sign, you need to understand the structural repairs that it will require over its lifetime.  If your sign has a chance to fall over due to windy conditions, or it can be ruined by extremely hard rainfall, you will want to have a plan to repair your sign quickly so that it can continue advertising for your company.

Dirt Exposure

Signs get dirty no matter where they are.  This is just a truth, regardless of the type of sign that you choose.  In order to keep your sign clean and tidy, which will be much more attractive for your customers, you should have a care plan in place before you install your sign.  Many sign companies will actually come out to keep the signs clean, bright, and attractive.


Many signs are made of metal because of its strength and durability.  However, metal has a drawback:  when it is exposed to rain and water, it can rust.  Rust not only has unattractive qualities, but its corrosive nature can actually destroy the structural integrity of your entire sign as well.  To combat the rust, you will want to keep your sign clean and dry as best as possible.  


Unfortunately, business signs are the target of many vandalism activities, such as destruction and graffiti.  When this occurs, you should be able to clean your signs without having to worry about the extra charge due to its criminal nature.  However, you will want to tackle this quickly so that your sign isn't destroyed forever or needs to be replaced prematurely.  We work with many companies to combat the negative effects of vandalism on our custom signs in Orlando.

These are a few sign maintenance concerns that you should consider when you get new business signs in Orlando.  Whether you choose to do the maintenance yourself or you trust the professionals to take care of this for you, you will still want to have the conversations about sign maintenance before you choose the ones that best meet your needs.  Contact our professionals in custom signs in Orlando to get started with your business signs today.


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