Four Business Signs You Need during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Four Business Signs You Need during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Are you looking for ways to meet the new restrictions inside your place of business during the COVID-19 pandemic?  Do you want to ensure that your customers stay safe when they are in your business or office building?  With all the social restrictions that have been placed on our society to prioritize the health and safety of our customers, businesses have needed to make some changes.  Some of these changes have included adding business signs in Orlando that indicate social distancing, wayfaring, new policies, and other company-wide changes that have been made.  There are a few signs that you may want to consider adding to your business to keep your customers and employees safe, healthy, and happy.

Mask-Wearing Policy Signs

Every business has different mask-wearing requirements, and you'll want to communicate these policies with your customers as soon as they walk through the door.  When this policy is clear from the time they walk in the door, people will be able to adjust their mask to adhere to your policies.  Without clear and established rules, there may be confusion and this could even deter people from feeling safe in your business.

Six Feet Distance Floor Decals

Many businesses have been sticking decals on their floor to indicate six-feet of distance between patrons.  If you have a business that has people waiting in line or standing near one another, you may want to consider adding these floor decals.  These decals will provide your customers with a measured and safe distance so they can prioritize their health when they are doing business with you.

Hours of Operation Signage

During the pandemic, many businesses have had to alter their practices to meet the demands of their customers.  This may include alternating their hours of operation.  If you need a new sign to display this information, you may want to get it in a larger size so that you can display it in the window of your business.  

Signs Indicating New Policies

Many companies have had to make changes to accommodate the state-wide or county-wide restrictions in their area.  This may include an occupancy limit, restricted restaurant tables or bars, sanitization centers, and other changes.  To inform your customers of these new changes, it may be helpful to create signs that contain these new policies.  They can easily read these signs to stay safer and adhere to your new changes when they are in your place of business.

These are just a few of the signs that you may have to add into your business so that you show how valuable the health and safety of your employees truly is.  As you navigate these difficult and unchartered waters to keep your business open, you will want to rely on the help of a trusted company that specializes in business signs in Orlando.  Contact us to hear how we can help you with your signs today.


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