Five Types of Outdoor Signs to Advertise for Your Business

Five Types of Outdoor Signs to Advertise for Your Business

Are you looking for ways to draw more customers into the doors of your business?  Do you own a restaurant that features daily specials?  Are you the owner of a retail shop that offers many specials and promotions?  Whether you are a medical facility, restaurant, retail location, office building, or other small business, you could likely use custom signs in Kissimmee to advertise your business and create intrigue for those who pass by.  There are a few outdoor signs that can help you advertise for your business.

Outdoor Banners

Banners are some of the best ways you can promote special events or sales at your business.  When you are planning to host specials, promotions, anniversary sales, or other special events, you'll want to capture a crowd by displaying banners outside your business.  You may also even be able to display banners throughout your community to attract more attention to your event.

LED Displays

Businesses, like restaurants and retail centers, are often open after dark.  To attract the attention of anyone driving or walking by, you may want to consider investing in lighted LED display signs.  These will be able to draw attention to your business, no matter the weather or time of day.  LED displays are captivating way to alert potential customers to head your direction.

Yard Signs

When you are promoting your business, you may want to guide people your direction or provide information to your customers using yard signs.   These signs are inexpensive and simple ways to get attention to your business.  Consider placing yard signs at your residence, around your business, and lining the streets of your community to gain even more exposure.

Window Graphics

Window graphics are popular ways to provide information to those who are walking past or near your business.  These are easy to implement and do not require any additional space.  Many businesses use window graphics to display their hours or operation, policies, logos, and other aspects of their brand.  Graphics are a great way to attract passersby to walk into your store.

A-Frame Signs

A-frame signs are an incredibly popular way to advertise particular bargains, sales, menu items, or special events.  When people read the content on your A-frame sign, they can be tempted to walk in and check out what's going on.  These signs are a simple way to draw in street traffic and create intrigue that will market your specials.
These are just a few of the common outdoor signs that you can use to advertise for your business.  If you are hosting promotional events, like specials or grand openings, or you want to communicate new information about your business, you'll want to use custom signs in Kissimmee to draw in your customers.  Contact us to schedule your meeting with our expert graphic designers and sign marketing team today.


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