Five Signs You Need at Your Next Outdoor Event

Five Signs You Need at Your Next Outdoor Event

Summer and fall are full of outdoor events that draw crowds, entertain your customers, and promote many businesses.  These festivals, gathering, special events, concerts, and vendor shows often require much coordination in order to pull off without a hitch, and this includes having custom signs in Kissimmee.  Signage is a critical component to having a smooth flow to your event in addition to allowing your guests to have the best experience.  There are a few types of signs that you'll want to have at your next outdoor event.


Banners are an essential sign that you'll want to direct your guests to your event.  These can be used in parking lots, concessions areas, restrooms, or even along the route to your event.  When you use banner signs to direct traffic around your event and keep tents and sections of you event organized, your guests will be able to know exactly where everything can be found.  

Event or Vendor Tents

When this sun is shining down on your event, your guests and vendors will want relief from the sun by using a tent.  Customizing these tents with logos, graphics, or text will enhance the experience and allow guests to know exactly where to look for what they need.  Consider using your brand colors and logos to alert customers where they can find you at the event.  This will attract more business your way.

Standing Banners

Standing banners are a great way to easily enhance any outdoor event.  These can be designed to be horizontal or vertical, depending on your needs.  They come with the pole for an easy installation anywhere at your event.  Standing banners are a great way to flag traffic and create fluidity or even direct guests a certain way.


Are you looking to quickly grab the attention of your guests?  Flags and waving banners create movement with colorful text or graphics that can grab the attention of anyone at your outdoor event.  These can be created in any shape, size, or color so that you can add style to your event while also directing guests to where they need to go.

Yard Signs

If you are looking to promote your event before your event actually happens, you should consider getting yard signs made.  You can then distribute these throughout the community in order to spread awareness to your event.  Yard signs are a great way to alert the community of the detail of your event, which can draw more of a crowd and bring in more business.

These are just a few of the main types of signs that you'll need at your next outdoor event.  Whether you are organizing people, signaling directions, or pointing guests to important facilities, custom signs in Kissimmee will enhance your event and make an unforgettable experience.  Contact us to get started with our expert graphic designers and sign experts today.


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