Five Businesses that Should Invest in Vehicle Wraps in Orlando

Five Businesses that Should Invest in Vehicle Wraps in Orlando

You've likely noticed cars or vans driving down the road that have displays and business signs on their side.  It's easy to take notice of these signs when you are sitting at a red light, parking in a parking lot, or even just driving down the highway. Vehicle wraps in Orlando are some of the most unique ways to gain exposure and market your business to a broad audience while you are driving.  Whether you drive for work or not, it is a great way to let people know about the products and services you have to offer.  There are some popular businesses that have invested in vehicle wraps.

Real Estate Agents

Real estate is a popular industry that requires travelling to many places in order to find the right fit for their clients.  Many real estate agents choose to display their information on the sides of their vehicles so they can expand their audience in the community.  By displaying their personal information, like real estate companies, name, and number, people will be able to take note and give them a call when they need real estate services.


Florists are another profession that require travelling when delivery flowers and orders to their clients.  Because of this, many florists need to have specific vehicles with coolers and other features to keep their flowers in perfect shape.  Many florists also love to have vehicle wraps on the sides of their vans that can also display their advertisements when they make deliveries.


Many mechanics drive trucks to certain jobs, like towing cars or making house calls, and they will also want to display their company name and info on the side of their trucks.  This doubles as both a work vehicle and an advertisement for their company.  Not only do people take note of their information, but they can also learn about local mechanics that can also perform work for them too.

Delivery Services

Many companies that offer delivery services, like Instacart or Doordash, may also choose to have vehicle graphics to display their information.  This will help them gain more clients when they are driving to their destinations.  Typically, people will want to use driving services that are already in their area, and this can increase the amount of returning customers you can get when you perform driving services.

Driving Services

Similar to delivery services, many people who perform driving services also like to display their information on their cars.  Limousines, cab services, Uber, and Lyft drivers all display these graphics on their cars as a way to alert their passengers to their vehicles and gain more exposure.

These are just some of the top businesses that should invest in vehicle wraps to market their business in their community.  Vehicle wraps in Orlando can actually be used by many types of businesses to expand their market and gain new customers when they are driving.  If you are looking for creative marketing solutions, contact us to set up a meeting with our sign experts and graphic design team today.


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