Five Tips for More Creative Signage

Five Tips for More Creative Signage

When promoting your business using signs, it is important to consider the impression your sign has on the consumer.  You want to continually make sure that your sign is a powerful and attractive representation of your business and the services you provide.  Fine d-Zign Signs creates custom signs in St. Cloud, reaching many consumers for our clients.  Our goal is to constantly strive to help companies design their brand so it accurately represents the company and then align that brand with graphics, colors, and appealing designs in order to promote it using signs.  There are a few tips and suggestions for designing more creative signage.

Consider Attractive Colors

When choosing the colors of your signage, consider the moods that are elicited with each color.  You will want to choose appropriate colors for your business and its mission.  For example, blue shades are likely to make consumers feel calm and relaxed, while reds will likely alert them to action.  These are decisions that should be made thoughtfully, because the colors of your business give it its overall appearance and mood.

Aim to Be Unique

You want your business to stand out, so of course you want to aim for your custom signs to stand out as well.  It's why you are customizing them in the first place.  To stand above the rest, you should aim for one or two unique elements in your sign design.  This can leave an imprint and lasting impression on the consumer's mind, and it could be the reason they visit your business in the first place.  In order to create an immediate impact, try to be unique when branding your business.

Strive for Simplistic Designs

Cluttered signs will likely not attract the attention of consumers for long.  It is important to avoid busy or complex signs when you should be getting a quick message across to your potential consumers.  Strive for simple images that still convey your overall mission, and use easy-to-read print to promote retention of your message.  By striving to create a simplistic design, you will likely be able to make an imprint on the consumer's mind.

Offer a Fresh Look

Don't try to replicate what other companies are doing.  This will result in redundant and oversaturated designs that lump you in with the rest of the companies.  Remember, you want to stand out.  By offering a fresh perspective, consumers will be likely to remember your business and consider you when they need your services.  

Meet with a Graphic Designer

In order to make the best decisions for your company's marketing, it may be best to schedule a meeting with a graphic designer.  These professionals are trained to recognize trends in design and implement branding strategies that perhaps you would have never thought of yourself.  This investment could easily pay off in the long run, because then you will have a professionally-created design product that can be replicated and dispersed as your new company brand.

At Fine d-Zign Signs, we strive to design creative, custom signs in St. Cloud.  Once our clients see the success of their marketing through using our signs, they keep coming back for more.  Contact us today to learn about our process and to boost your business.  



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