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    Basketball Camp Signs for Mark Jones

    One of the great rewards of being a member of a local Business Network International chapter is the opportunity to work with great local businesses. As an independently owned business, ourselves, we like to work with and support other local businesses at Fine d-Zign Signs. When a fellow member of the local BNI chapter needed a sign, we were happy to help. This client needed a sign quick. With relatively short notice, we made sure that we delivered a perfect sign exactly on the day the client needed it.

    About Mark Jones

    Jamaar Manlove, a member of the local BNI chapter got in touch with us. He was working on behalf of Mark Jones, a local basketball trainer. Jamaar needed signs to advertise Mark’s upcoming basketball camps. These camps help kids between seven and seventeen grow their skills and have fun in the process. Mark was a professional basketball player but has now turned his attention to training people of all ages to become better basketball players. These summer basketball camps give youth in central Florida a fun way to spend their time and teaches them not only about basketball, but life too. Because of the great work that Mark does in the community, we were happy to help when Jamaat contacted us.

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    A Tough Job

    We were happy to work with Mark Jones, but this would not be an easy job. The sign needed to be ready by June 17. The client called us on June 2, meaning we needed some seriously quick turnaround with this sign. We needed to make sure that we delivered this sign on time and without losing any quality.

    The picture that was provided also needed some serious work. The graphic designer working on this project, Josephine Kostusiak, spent a lot of time trying to get everything perfect. Once we had the image looking the way we wanted it, we contacted Jamaar to get approval to begin production. Jamaar gave us the go ahead and we began work on producing the sign.

    It was tough, but we delivered the final product to the client on June 17. Jamaar was thrilled with the finished design and the quality of the sign despite the need for speed. Jamaar was also impressed with our attitude. Our persistence and ability to deliver this sign on time despite a very tight schedule left a very good impression of Jamaar.

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